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Tantric Bachelorette

Are you looking for an intimate and meaningful way to celebrate your upcoming union?
Honor your rite of passage in a transformative getaway! 
Our Tantric rituals will support you to enter the next chapter of your life as a whole being, letting go of your past relationships and integrating your emotions. 
You will experience self-love and sisterhood, empowering yourself with knowledge and tantric secrets as well as deepening your connection with your desires. 
Enjoy a conscious getaway filled with pleasurable activities as well as ceremonies and rituals to initiate you on your journey into a sacred union. With your group of soul sisters!
We offer mindfully curated experiences so you can travel with a purpose in mind and heart. Set your travel intention and we will support you through your Tantric Bachelorette.

All of our bachelorette packages include:

Introduction to Sacred Sexuality

Gisella Rouge - Consent & Boundaries Workshop - Tulum - Tantra Fest - Serpent Rouge

Tantric Ritual

Tantric Ritual | Tantric Bachelorette | Tulum | Rituals

Bride to-be Ceremony 

Bride to be | Tantric Bachelorette | Tulum | Rituals
Each experience can be catered to the bride’s desired location, budget and wishes!