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Love Temple - Sacred Sexuality - Serpent Rouge - Tantra Festival - Tulum - Gisella Rouge

Love Temple

Becoming reconnected and having permission to freely self-express in our spiritual, sensual, and sexual selves can bring self-esteem and create greater joy, grounding our freedom and sovereignty into our lives.
Love Temple - Sacred Sexuality - Serpent Rouge - Tantra Festival - Tulum - Gisella Rouge
Love Temple - Sacred Sexuality - Serpent Rouge - Tantra Festival - Tulum - Gisella Rouge

Many ancient cultures and communities have created temples before us to have a space for sacredness, connection to your divine self, a sacred space, where sensuality and ecstasy were embraced as one of our natural states.


However, for centuries now humans have been forced to repress our sexual nature. For example, in all of Latin America, each of the pre-Hispanic cultures was devastated by a very poor and toxic vision of sexuality perpetuated by the invading Catholic church, which triggered strong wounds that we still carry to this day. Also, the Ethnic groups of the north (Canada and the United States) were affected by the terrible puritanical vision of the invading caucasian groups and their churches.


While in Ancient Europe people wore large and uncomfortable clothes to avoid feeling morbid or stimulated by the human body, ancestral cultures wore at most a thin and transparent tunic since morbidity did not exist within their comforts and they did not sexualize the human body.


Little by little and through torture, the greatness and sexual freedom of our ancient cultures were devastated, leaving in its wake shame, guilt, and violence installed in our collective, which is tangible and easily foreseen in our culture to this day. On top of all that, there is currently a terrible lack of sexual education, lack of consent, and expression of personal boundaries that only encourage more and more violence, gender and sexual violence.

Love temples are places for us humans to come with our broken humanness and connect with sacred divine realms by means of love, eros, and sexuality. It is a place to explore and discover more about yourself, and your conscious sexuality on a physical level in a space of unconditional love, safety, respect, and acceptance.


Each love temple should have guidelines to make it fun and safe for everyone. Nudity and sexual expression are usually allowed, however, following rules and adapting to each place is needed to be in synergy and deep respect.

Gisella Rouge - Tantra Tulum - Sacred Sexuality - Serpent Rouge - Tantric Facilitator

Our love temple is a safe container free of judgment, shame, or guilt, where you can deepen your connections with yourself and others in a more intimate space. The container we create encourages total self-responsibility for your emotions and actions. It is a space where people can dive into their process and transcend wounding and go into blissful collective realities where we get to experience new ways of being and relating. 


We always start with a talk about consent and boundaries, and then we move into practices of clear communication, being in your truth and owning your desires is encouraged at all times. Needs for relaxation and emotional ease are also addressed before going into intimate contact with others. This promotes freedom, authenticity, permission for a full spectrum of expression, and connection with yourself or others. 


We aim to create a space for us to remember our connection to the divine source of ecstasy that always runs through us but can be forgotten once we get too identified with material life, we forget what we are and who we are, instead of having access and knowing of the many bodies and energies that inhabit us simultaneously.

At our Serpent Rouge Love Temples, we create different spaces to explore different types of connections dedicated to sensations, cuddles, solo time, or moving sexual energy, which can range from sensually feeding chocolate, spanking, enjoying different forms of touch or massage, meditating by oneself, or cuddling with a bunch of strangers that become your friends. 

Love Temples can be found in a few of our Serpent Rouge events, check below for events featuring it.


You can also offer a Love Temple at your retreat or event, or for your group, inquire next.


We do not offer this Sacred experience to be booked in private, neither for individuals nor for couples, we also do not offer any kind of Sexual Services nor Tantric Massages, and we do not know where to book it or recommend anyone. Feel free to review our wellness services and see what we have in store for you.

Love Temple - Sacred Sexuality - Serpent Rouge - Tantra Festival - Tulum - Gisella Rouge
If you wish to offer this experience in your event or retreat, inquire here.
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