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Authentic Relating Games

Cultivating authentic relationships is a legitimate minefield these days. There just seem to be so many conditions and obstacles that precede the one thing we need perhaps more than anything else in the world: human connection.

Often communication starts and stops because we feel unsure about how to approach it, what to say, or what to ask.


Turning communication into a game provides a guiding structure and a set of agreements for everyone involved. This removes a lot of the stress and anxiety from connection and adds an inviting element of play.

  • We want to “be real” without revealing too much

  • We crave low-fi human contact and hope that likes, swipes, and follows will get us there  

  • We believe in products that promise human connection and forget that we, as humans, know the basics already


For all of these reasons, though, authenticity is actually having a comeback. The search for genuine human connection is at the center of what’s known as the “authentic relating” (AR) movement.

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Authenticity is acting and speaking in alignment with our inner feelings, desires, and needs. 


Authentic Relating (AR) is the practice of bringing our truth into connection with others’, so that we can weave a more rich and truthful human Experience.


The Authentic Relating Games are an easy and fun way to help us experience deeper connections, boost empathy, see the world through others’ eyes, and understand ourselves better so that we can enjoy life more.

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The authentic relating movement is a practice-based approach to social connection that aims to cultivate better, healthier, and more meaningful relationships. At its heart, authentic relating is about getting in touch with your true nature and manifesting your authentic self in your daily life. At the core, the authentic relating philosophy is a vision to create a community that overcomes the conflict, alienation and loneliness in this modern virtual society.

Authentic relating also refers to a way of connecting with other people that prioritizes genuine relationships, honest communication, and a deep understanding of emotions and experiences. It encourages individuals to cultivate empathy and compassion and to create a safe space for vulnerability and authentic expression.

Using the principles of authentic relating offers a clear and practical way to deal with life altogether: it's an approach to interacting with everyone in your life using a set of tools designed to help you discover deeper layers of your authentic self and those around you. It’s for anyone dedicated to self-development who’s curious about unveiling the hidden relationship dynamics of all your relationships. Let’s take a closer look at how authentic relating can help you overcome relationship issues by communicating more openly and effectively.

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Authentic Relating games help build skills for any relationship: Romantic partnerships, families, roommates, friends, community groups, teams, and clientele. These exercises have the intention to increase presence, connection, self-awareness, and empathy.


From simple curiosity games to awareness-building exercises, and group activities that can take individuals safely out of their comfort zone, authentic relating games also have the ability to profoundly and positively impact how we interact and live.

Every game is a unique experience, whether you are playing it for the first time or the hundredth because there is something new to learn about others and ourselves every time we enter into a new connection.

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