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Gisella Rouge - Latihan - Tantra - Tulum


The essence of the Latihan is to allow and follow spontaneous inner movements from within. It is different and unique for each person.

Latihan is one of the oldest tantra methods. It is not a new phenomenon; latihan is the first step towards Mahamudra. It is allowing the body to vibrate, allowing the body to become energy, nonsubstantial, and nonmaterial; allowing the body to melt and dissolve the boundaries.

Latihan is the practice of following your inner guidance and cultivating the space to tune in and be your authentic self, expressed in conscious movement in connection with self and others. The magic of Latihan is simple. Sometimes, when we are still and quiet, or in an unusual heightened state of awareness, we can be suddenly aware of this deeper life going on. The process of the latihan reconnects us with something greater than ourselves and keeps this special awareness alive and active.

We start with an opening circle in which we drop in together with a few connection exercises. We go over and commit to honoring the protocols which cocreate a safe container to support the experience. We then move into a grounding practice to assist with clearing our energy and focus our attention on what is alive in us in this moment. Participants then put on blindfolds and start latihan… Following the Latihan, we will continue to the Mahamudra meditation as Latihan is the first part of it.


Following the Mahamudra meditation there will be an opportunity to check in and share your experience.


After experiencing Latihan many people feel a sense of calm and a deepening of the natural connection with wisdom, and one's higher self.

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