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Private 1-1 Sessions

Have you expended what feels like all your life looking to be fulfilled? 
Do you have it all but still feel empty inside?
Do you believe you can get more satisfaction from life?

In this 2 hour tantric session, we will tap into the depths of your being and the roots of whatever challenges you are constantly facing.


You will learn tools that will help you throughout your life, as well as practices and techniques to help you reconnect with your essence and integrate all parts of yourself.


You will learn to recognize, accept and integrate your emotions and thus liberate anything that has been stuck leaving you unable to feel more pleasure in life.


Our sessions are tailor-made for you and can include but are not limited to, self-love practices, sex education, emotional work, energetic work, inner child work, and shadow work.


Our sessions are not hands-on and do not include any kind of bodywork, massage, or touch.

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