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Specialty Facials

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Service Description

1- Deep cleansing for sensitive skin We select the indicated products with calming, protecting, and decongesting properties that act on the deepest layers of the skin, offering a soft and repairing result. 2- Menopause skin For the skin care of 50+ years old, using high-end and innovative actives that counteract the alterations that this skin type presents. 3- Cannabis facial (7 benefits) Multi-Action treatment that nourishes dry skin and helps to balance oily skin. Offers long-term hydration calms the skin, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; it's a powerful antioxidant that promotes beautiful and healthy skin. Brings a comfortable sensation of well-being. 4- Unicorn (multimasking) A new trend in facial care. By combining different masks in the same session, we can treat areas of the skin with different needs. That is the case of the trio of masks by Germaine de Capuccini, which have multiple benefits for the skin: vitality, hydration, and detoxification.

  • 50 minutes
  • 1,600 Mexican pesos
  • Customer's Place

Cancellation Policy

The amount paid is not refundable if cancellation occurs. Depending on availability you may reschedule until 2 days before your service. Cancellation policies apply regardless of the circumstances.

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