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Private Temazcal Experience

4 pax package

Service Description

The Temazcal ceremony includes a series of cleansing and energy-enhancing steps. In addition to providing renewal for the body, the Temazcal is often an experience of emotional release and spiritual purification, leaving bathers at once invigorated and utterly relaxed. After sweating out all spiritual and physical impurities, you will leave with a sense of inner harmony, enlightenment and rejuvenation. The Temazcal combats insomnia and depression, releasing negative air tensions, which can increase energy and relieve depression and stress. Includes: Access to Nopalitos Lagoon and Club (kayaks and paddles) Introduction Permission ritual Cleansing ritual with Copal Soul connection ritual Temazcal Ceremony Rebirth ritual in the lagoon Fruits and refreshing drink NOT included: Transportation to Nopalitos is not included The duration of this service is 2 hrs approx. This package is for a maximum of 6 people, if you need to add more please contact us after booking, $1,500 MXN per each extra person

  • 2 hours
  • 9,999 Mexican pesos
  • Lagoon

Cancellation Policy

The amount paid is not refundable if cancellation occurs. Depending on availability you may reschedule until 2 days before your service. Cancellation policies apply regardless of the circumstances.

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