The Serpent Ritual

A Traditional Mayan Clay Ritual combined with ancient knowledge and new age practices to find the right blend to awaken the power of the serpent within you.

~The Serpent Ritual,

It's a Tantric Ritual to transmute energy, emotions and thoughts, by shedding the skin like the serpent.~

The Ritual is designed to help you reconnect with your higher self, to experience surrender from a vulnerable place, to enjoy a tantric experience and play with your tribe.

Our intention is to experience rebirth on a different perspective, to act on all levels. To transmute all pain and fear, to transmute all poisons be they mental, physical or spiritual. To bring the masculine and feminine energies together to balance our sides. To realize we are only complete when we have both energies working together.

 On the physical level we aim to experience renewal, as the Serpent sheds its skin we shed ours with clay, healing skin, hair, organs and energy field. Detoxifying our skin, mineralizing and regenerating our cells, releasing all stress. 

On a mental level we want to understand the connection of the serpent to the whole. Its power to transmute all the elements and Its journey through the seven directions on relation to the seven chakras.

For years we have been asked to take on the values of the new age, also known as the Age of Aquarius, The New Paradigm.

A lot of pain is usually experienced during this transition, because we fight the change and the emotions that need to be felt.  


It's time to release this old denied charge that has built up within us, and becoming a WHOLE person, or a new being.

Rebirth will come when we internally embrace and practice the values of the new age of Aquarius with love, unity and integrity. 

 We are all aware of our present economic, environment and social chaos. This will intensify, till the shedding is complete.

"To be Quetzalcoatl or Kukulcan (The Feathered Serpent) is to know the seven forces (seven chakras) (Seven directions)

that govern our body, not only know them but also use them and understand their intimate relationship with natural and cosmic laws."

Ritual Steps

*The Ritual starts by getting a cleansing smudge before coming in to the circle

*Once in the circle we greet the seven directions 

*Then we proceed to invoke the four elements 

*So we're ready to awaken the serpent (Kundalini) within us 

*Then we become a serpent 

*And when we're ready, we shed our skin


The serpent or snake is revered worldwide. It is shown over and over again as a potent deity​. ​The snake is associated with both negative and positive, or duality. And also rebirth or renewal. The Serpent also known by being able to transmute to any of the four principal elements. This creature has the ability to shed it's old skin when it grows it. The casting off of this skin metaphorically, represents the release of old ways of thinking that don't work with us anymore. To many cultures the power of the serpent is a representation of ​vital energy.​ This energy remains coiled within at the base of our spine in the sacrum. There it sits until it's ready to move. The movement of the ​kundalini ​is the final joining of the ​masculine and the feminine​ through the heart. The Maya believed the earth itself would rise in spiritual consciousness in 2012. Since humans are part of the earth they could also rise. The chakras of the earth are mirrored by the seven chakras in our own bodies. It's the rising upward of this vital energy that was predicted by the Mayan. This energy rises because our level of consciousness and understanding has risen, causing the movement of the Kundalini upward through the seven different chakras. Suppression and denial of our own feminine side (our own feeling sides or intuition) keeps us from experiencing this balance. What's happening out there is what's happening within. Movement or acceptance of these long suppressed emotions and inner knowing is being experienced by those getting in touch with their feminine. It isn't always easy to feel these long held feelings but it is necessary. Healthy movement in the kundalini and enlightenment will be the reflection. The ​god Quetzalcoatl/Kukulkan or feathered serpent​ ​is a representation of this kundalini energy within us. 


From Babylon to Greece, India and China to Europe an the Americas, the eternal symbol of the snake crossed every path in the myth, culture and history of Humanity.  The snake was the first to acclaim RA as god. Melampus, whose ears were licked by snakes, was the first mortal to be granted prophetic powers. Garga, the father of Indian astronomy, owed his learning to a serpent. The god Quetzalcoatl, The feathered snake, gave maize and taught agriculture and arts to the Aztecs. Plutarch concluded that the serpent was a deity. The Ouroboros, a symbol of the snake biting his own tail, was at the time adopted by the Gnostics, because it represented the 'circle' or the 'wheel' of life, regeneration and eternity. A serpent entwined the Tree of Life in the Garden of Paradise and first whispered the words of corruption (Wisdom) to Eve. The snake or the Devil lurks in the darkness to challenge the power of good; it is a symbol of seduction and the inherent evil in all the things of the world. But the snake coiled also around the caduceus of Mercury and the staff of Aesculapius, the god of medicine and healing. There it is taken to mean the conquest of the spirit over the temptation of the woman and is also an undeciphered symbol of the union of the male and female principle in alchemy. 

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