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Facials Group B

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Service Description

1- Oxygenating For asphyxiated, stressed, sensitive, oily, seborrheic and acneic skin types. Includes extraction. 2- Revitalizing Vitalizing, oxygenating, and clarifying treatment; for opaque skins and smokers. Includes extraction. 3- Anti-oil Regulates the increase of oil secretion from the inside of the gland, as well as on the surface of the skin, balancing PH and preventing acne. It eliminates the shiny and opaque look, creating a matte, peachy, and healthy effect. Includes extraction. 4- Alipoid skin (dry skin) For dry, dull skin with mild flaking and/or itch, and more noticeable wrinkles due to the lack of hydration that comes with the lack of lipids that is so common on dry skin. It helps the skin recover its ability to nourish and protect itself.

  • 1 hour
  • 1,665 Mexican pesos
  • Customer's Place

Cancellation Policy

If canceled up to 2 days before the appointment we will refund 50% of the payment. If canceled within less than 2 days before the appointment the payment is not refundable. Cancellation policies apply regardless of the circumstances.

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