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Archive of old projects that we have created or co-created.

Previous Projects

Magic Hulas by Rouge

Proudly the First Company of Hula Hoops in Mexico!

Design, manufacture and hoops sell, proudly the first in Mexico! Selling to wholesalers and distributors, original designs and special orders.


-Improves circulation

-Improves posture

-Provides greater flexibility

-Helps improve coordination and body stability when working and strengthen the muscles of the body

-Exercise arms making them stronger and turned

-Improves mood

-Reaffirms the waist, arms, buttocks and legs

-Removes stress intentions scoring by practicing very fun and original physical activity

-Enhance your concentration and focus

-Massages the back

-It helps Relaxing and fun!

-A Whole Transformational Experience!

Casa Xochipilli - Mystic Headshop

Xochipilli´s House (Casa Xochipilli) opened on Friday, November 23, 2012, with a unique concept of its own kind, worthy to be called the home of Xochipilli. Honoring the name of God Xochipilli grandmaster of the Arts, Dance, Music, Flowers and Sacred Plants, Xochipilli´s House aims to bring to you a new concept of Mystic Head Shop, a shop for smokers, Shamanism Sacred Items, Power stones and Necklaces, Prehispanic Musical Instruments and Accessories Mexica Shirts and more!

Mystic head shop, only for connoisseur smoke shop, the best quality smokers items, shamanism, ceremonial and prehispanic unique items!

Vida Verde - Organic Products Catalog

We are a Mexican co-op that has been created with a vision to contribute to the promotion of the health and well-being of our families. With this same view was created our Green Life Catalog. Only hand-made, organic, biodegradable and fair trade products. ​The products that we represent are created hand-made ​​with all the clinical, scientific and traditional knowledge. We chose only 100% natural ingredients, organic and biodegradable, without the use of artificial colors, preservatives, or synthetic additives. Promoting fair trade and fair work remuneration to local communities involved in this project. Respect for nature and awareness are contemplated from the first contact with the plant until harvest.  We also don´t use genetically modified organisms (GMOs). When you buy our products you help to restore the soil damaged by chemical use. by Supporting our project you help to the promotion of a more healthy and safe culture for humans, animals and for the earth.

By buying these products you are also supporting a completely natural and in harmony with their environment production system that preserves and respects life in all its manifestations.

By consuming or using our products you are taking advantage of all the wisdom of nature for the benefit of your body and health.

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