Kristopher Lovestone

Kristopher is a professional sex educator, relationship consultant and author of Conscious Cock: The Sexual Empowerment Manual for Men. He helps men and couples to overcome relationship exhaustion, exit the power struggle and achieve what they really want in their love lives by teaching communication and awareness tools, empowering perspective-shifts and the anatomy of arousal. By changing the dysfunctional rules of the relationship game and giving his students modern and functional intimacy tools he helps them to exit toxic patterns that prevent them from getting what they truly desire from their relationships. He survived six grueling divorces in his childhood and since then has he devoted his life to solving relationship problems. He has developed a viable relationship success system based on authenticity, transparency and communication which he uses every day in his wildly successful 14-year open relationship with his wife/best friend, and he give workshops, courses and consults on conscious engagement, agreement making, rekindling intimacy, having difficult conversations, conflict resolution, sexual self-confidence, boundaries & consent, adult sex education, natural male enhancement and

lasting longer in bed.

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