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Halo Seronko is the founder of Shakti Temple Arts, an international and online school of Temple Dance, Tantra and Taoist Arts. Raised by a Taoist father, her roots in tradition, lineage and spiritual practice stretch back to childhood. Halo has been living between the US and India for nearly a decade, bringing ancient traditions of embodied practice to the West. She is passionate about re-igniting the feminine path towards embodied awakening through time-tested lineages of practice such as Temple Dance, Tantra, and Taoist Sexual Energy cultivation. Halo Seronko considers Taoism to be the root of her spirituality, the system from where she began her spiritual and energetic quest studying with her father in her early teens. Since she has been living between the holy land of India and the USA for the past 6 years bridging the worlds by bringing ancient traditions of Shakti embodiment to the West. While in India she studies Classical Indian Temple Dance and Tantra, and goes on extensive pilgrimages to sacred sites of the Goddess. The mysteries of the feminine and of the womb have been her guiding lights upon her quest for deeper and deeper embodied understanding of the Goddess, and thus she has been diving deep into ancient practices of Shakti cultivation from various traditions for the past decade. Her mission with Shakti Temple Arts is to offer keys to unlocking the soul’s yearning for expression of it’s innate divinity in THIS life, and in THIS body through these time tested lineages of embodiment, consciousness, health and beauty practices. Halo has taught and performed these arts in India, Guatemala, Australia, Greece, Costa Rica and along the West Coast of the USA. 

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