Event Planning

A few of the collaborations we have done with other transformational festivals in event production.

Ometeotl Festival

The Ometeotl Festival is held every year since 2009 and to date, it is a festival of movement for the music, the earth, the spirit and arts. Every year I participate in production for different areas. I have coordinated the volunteers, organized the flea market and food court, organized a trade circle, and coordinated the set up for Kuikayotl stage, art and conference area, as well as the workshops area. On the last years I got involved coordinating the performance and I also perform every year.

This festival  is all about MUSIC, SPIRIT, EARTH AND ART!
OMETEOTL offers the best of psychedelic music, with artists from all around the world. Situated in a breathtaking location, the music and the magic offered by this event is sure to blow your mind.
OMETEOTL brings you not just music, but other forms of expression, such as visionary art, beautiful dancers, and skilled performers. Let your soul vibrate with the spirit of community.

Cosmic Convergence

Cosmic Convergence Festival started with the intention of bringing people together from different cultures to rediscover and celebrate our ancestral roots in the historical heartland of the Maya civilization.

I was pleased to participate in the production for The Cosmic Convergence Festival celebrated every new year on the beautiful Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, I started participating in 2014, I have organized the market area and the Astro plaza, coordinating all the vendors at the festival and the ONG´s, on a different edition I  worked on the decoration area and as a support for the volunteer coordinator also performing every year.

We are a transformational cultural initiative designed to leave a positive social and local impact. The festival is compatible with different artists, organizations and community projects. Creating an exchange platform within cultures, people and social impact projects.


 Our dream is to gather an international community together, connect to the thriving local Mayan community, and co-create an ancestral future: a beautiful world rooted in ancestral traditions, informed by permaculture and appropriate technology, looking towards a regenerative tomorrow.