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Projects that we created for the community

Social Projects

La Casa en Las Nubes - Eco Village

WWOOF Farm and Eco-Center for sustainable living, self-sustaining practices and development of environmentally friendly alternatives. A rustic and ecological space where you can learn to live with nature respecting your environment and enjoying its beauty, WWOOF farm, eco-village. Our project is to create a totally ecological space with permaculture principles that serve as an example and a development center where people can enjoy the experience of living in harmony with nature.

Ecological Bathrooms:

We call them ecological because, in addition to not using water and the separated waste, they are also constructed entirely of Eco-friendly materials that do not harm the environment.


Functioned with clean water collected from the rain, water-saving showers and solar heaters were also built with organic or natural materials also grey systems to collect the water from every shower to use for the plants.

Communal Kitchen:

The kitchen will also be built with natural or ecological materials and cooking methods will be a solar oven and a grill with charcoal.

Organic Garden:

Fruits, vegetables, and herbs that you will find here are planted in an organic and biodynamic way, with completely natural methods that involve closing the natural cycles of the earth.

Ameyalli Tlacualli - Tepoztlan Organic Market

Organic, natural and handmade quality products and fair price. Fresh, local, organic food every Friday in Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. WITH YOUR PRESENCE we will continue to grow, with the intent to SHARE what together we produce and harvest all our dedication and commitment, so you can do your weekly shopping with us, thanks for your valuable presence. One more chance to rejoice with the benefits of food grown and prepared with love. Full of life, with wealth in minerals and vitamins. Loaded with valuable information. No pesticides, no chemicals. EVERY FRIDAY WE HAVE THE " OPEN FORUM " where various activities are shared. You can publicize your art or discipline or your knowledge and skills! ( If you are interested to participate by sharing a workshop or activity please contact us by this medium to program in advance.) If you need a specific product for which we offer, you can request it in this way, and if in season, we will gladly bring it the following Friday. Do you know what you eat? Do you mind? ..... Support your community taking care of your health and the planet, and all attending this Friday at Tepoztlan Organic Market  "Ameyalli Tlacualli" fresh, local, artisanal, natural, ecological and organic.

Trade Circle - Circulo de Trueque

Our mission is to bring back an Aztec tradition, to support the community and to benefit from this ancient and fair trade system, supporting ecology by reusing things that you no longer use. To start practicing more of these activities that will prepare us for the future. There will be no buying or selling. There will not be a coin. Barter depends on the needs of each person. Things to barter must be in good condition.

The trading circle that takes place once a month for the welfare of the community of Tepoztlan, it's free! and everybody is invited, the idea is that you can bring useful things you no longer use, that you have cast aside there, that your grandmother gift to you and you never wear it, that you produce and have a lot of, and you can change it with someone for anything you need. We hope this seed grow and can fulfill the task of making the weekly barter. Thanks for your support! We are all one!

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