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Tantra Festival Mexico 2019, the first one in Latin America!

We are honored to open the energy and hold the space to explore

deeply your self and sexuality. 

What moved us?

Latin America, like many other areas of the world, was devastated by the church and foreign societies. Our traditions were suffocated and replaced by guilt and shame. They took our power by controlling and repressing our sexuality. Our life force was taken into the shade. But now, we are ready to own our true nature! 


Mexico is one of the sexist places in the world, and our life force has been violently raped for many generations now. We are ready to be free, from church, from imposed cultural shame, free of gender violence. We are ready to live and love, without fear, judgment or guilt. Observing recent events, it is clearly time to reclaim our worth, our sacred sexuality and heal our collective wound. We are rising against violence and discrimination, against oppression and injustice, against what we are not. We are no longer willing to let things continue as they are. We are ready to create new ways to relate because we know old ones aren't working anymore. 


It is time to understand that in order to find wholeness in ourselves we must work together not against each other! Female and male are but two expressions of the same essence, any system that oppresses one or the other incites violence… And we believe in love. To achieve a state of bliss in total union with ourselves and our surroundings we must embrace every expression of life, be it feminine or masculine. We must embrace ourselves. 

What we offer?

The Festival offers you the opportunity to meet kindred spirits willing to explore personal development, sexuality, relationships and spirituality through tantra.

You can take part in a rich selection of workshops, meditations, ceremonies, dance and concerts to inspire a more profound experience, to be present and in ecstasy within ourselves and with others. We offer a place to heal old wounds, especially those created by shame and guilt, self-doubt. A place to really dive deep within yourself and regain your power, bringing, yourself and those who surround you, greater peace and fulfillment.
Our amazing venue in the middle of the jungle will provide a sensual space to explore your wild side, with lots of different natural scenarios to enjoy its magestuosity and reconnect with mother earth.   
We recommend that you come at the start and stay for the whole duration of the festival. This is to help hold space for the journey that each person feels safe to open up.
Before or after the festival you can take a visit the impressive Mayan Temples, or just relax in beautiful white sand beaches, perhaps dive into the turquoise waters of the Caribbean or maybe just a swim into the most impressive cenotes (flooded caves) which can only be found in this part of the world.


What is a Tantra Festival?

A Tantra Festival is a gathering of like-minded people held on a safe space that promotes healing and connection. Tantra Festivals have become very popular over the last few years, with a good number of gatherings popping up in cities across the world. Not only are they great fun but can also be very insightful and healing too. Tantra Festivals are the perfect way to disconnect from the madness of modern life, foster a stronger bond with yourself, heal, and grow your sense of intimacy through community, understanding, and sexuality.

What could happen in a Tantra Festival?

You may find yourself opening up to a whole new way of loving others around you, being in a place where everyone loves and accepts each other is amazing. Perhaps you’ll begin to release old emotions, programs and feelings that no longer serve you. Maybe you’ll feel a deep connection to the universe and every living soul on this planet. You might find that you can be completely yourself, no matter how crazy you are. You may begin to appreciate your own body and being, loving every single part and not being afraid of exposing the areas that you don’t like.

You don’t need any previous experience of tantra to come, just an open mind and a willingness to face yourself and others truly. The festival is suitable both for beginners and advanced practitioners, 18 years and above. Whether you are younger or older, all sexual orientations and preferences are welcome in the practice of tantra. You can come alone as a single or together with a partner.

What is Tantra?

The Orgasmic and Spiritual Enlightenment

The ultimate goal in Tantra is to attain enlightenment "with the eyes open".

Tantra has been described as a spiritual path for the householder. It is known most for the fact that this path includes sexuality, and spirit is found through embracing sexuality rather than through suppression of sexuality.

Tantric mystics felt that if a force as powerful as sexuality was banned or repressed in outward expression, then it was bound to surface as part of the dark side of our character, emerging in such a way as to cause suffering for ourselves or others. Tantra is a discipline and a body of practices which makes sex sacred, using sexual energy to increase, improve, expand, explore and enjoy one's spirituality. Tantric sex is about appreciation — appreciation that we are with is a manifestation of divine energy and that our sexuality can become fuller vehicles for intimacy, self-knowledge, and spiritual evolution. The Hindus believed that the creation of the universe was an erotic act of love between the god Shiva and his consort Shakti. Shiva was worshiped as the embodiment of pure consciousness in its most ecstatic state, and Shakti as the embodiment of pure energy. They also believed that the joyful dance between Shiva and Shakti is reflected in all living beings and manifests itself as pleasure, beauty, and happiness. This is the nature of the divine, the root of all that exists. Sexual ecstasy was seen as a taste of this divine nature in human form. Women who practice Tantra also learn how to be in their rightful power. They remember who they are as creators, nurturers and stabilizers. Some women need to learn to surrender and receive in order to relinquish their control issues and this takes them home to their empowerment. For other women the path is opposite — learning to take more control of what is rightfully their responsibility. In Sanskrit the word for vagina is yoni, which means sacred space. It would be wonderful if both men and women started thinking of vagina as a sacred space where one asks permission to enter and enters with reverence. The Sanskrit word for penis is lingam, which means magic wand. Tantrikas use these terms because they sound much more reverent and romantic than the medical or slang terms we commonly use for the genitals in modern culture. Many women are now reclaiming their feminine power through the ability to ejaculate. A woman's ejaculate is called amrita or the Nectar of the Gods. Ordinary sex, to a tantrika, is like music played without the main instrument. It might begin beautifully but it ends up being a flat experience. Something is missing. In ordinary sex what is usually missing is the body. We need to learn to amplify our arousal and redistribute sexual energy from the genitals to the entire body. Then sexual orgasm becomes more than just a genital affair or a convenient way of going to sleep. It becomes a healing pathway. So if orgasm is either similar to a sneeze or sudden stillness, causing the loss of control or of our ego, or if orgasm is 95% similar to a heroin trip – the theory that orgasm is actually an ecstasy-like experience becomes more and more real. To conclude it finally I believe that the fear of orgasm, because we fear to lose our ego and that’s eventually one of the big spiritual tests in many traditions. Might be one reason why some cannot orgasm?! But what I do know is that the orgasms is the way to Spiritual path and confirms, it’s a unexplored transcendent experience.

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Tulum-Tepoztlán, México.

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