About us...

Serpent Rouge founded by Gisella Rouge is an organization created as an incubator for diverse projects with different soul purposes but the same mission. Our mission is to contribute to the transformation of humanity.


Our heart is with our mother earth. We aim to raise awareness of the need to change our lifestyles in order to restore the balance of our Planet. We're living a unique and critical time on earth. We are faced with incredible challenges to the survival of the diversity of life and consciousness on our planet. At the same time, we are experiencing an incredible awakening of human potential. And for the first time in history, the wisdom heritage of all our cultures and traditions is available for everyone who seeks it.


We strongly believe that in order to restore our human life force, we need to heal our collective wounded sexuality and own back our power. We must let go of what no longer serves our higher purpose. We have to recognize and honor our emotions, which is what makes us human beings.


We design a wide range of transformational experiences to guide you through these times of transformation. We want to nurture you with conscious education, to help you achieve freedom, inner peace and self realization.


You are not alone! We are together in this...

Who's Gisella Rouge?


A woman of the earth...

Born and raised in between Mexico and California, Gisella has always been in touch with nature, a woman of the earth. After concluding her studies on Tourism she moved to Tepoztlán, a magic town in Mexico, where she began to practice bio-dynamic and organic agriculture at "La Casa en Las Nubes" an Eco-Center for sustainable living that she Co-created. It was not very long after she began her studies with herbal medicine, nutrition and aromatherapy. At a very young age, she felt the call to be a guardian of the earth, her passion to protect nature inspired her to be an activist, making projects to raise awareness, she is the founder of The Organic Market of Tepoztlán and created the Trade Circle among multiple organic and artisan fairs and other conscious events. 

After years as a nomad and many important life changes, she is currently focused on Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, and Temple Arts, and fully committed to supporting the healing of the collective sexual wounding in Latin America.    


Gisella has been traveling for many years working on event production, retreat centers, living in sustainable communities, facilitating, and learning.


She went back to her home town after the loss

of a loved one, where she began to focus on her spiritual path, initiated on Mahamudra Teachings and Anuttara Tantra Yoga, became an Oneironaut practitioner alongside Reiki, Tai chi and Qi gong.

Around the same time, she finds out about Temple Arts and Sacred Sexuality and it was through sexual healing that she began a journey back to her true self. 

With spiritual guidance, she invoked the power of the serpent within to help her transmute all pain and grief and channeled "The Serpent Ritual" as her own medicine.

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